Hello Contestants!

In the upcoming 2/1 update, we’ll perform balance changes to the following cards:


  • Nuclear Strike: Damage to Guardian 706→600 (-15%)


  • Terminite Queen: Attack power 258→318 (+23%)

【Gaia Neutral】

  • Tadakatsu: HP 2188→2032 (-7%)
  • Catapod: Attack power 176→216 (+23%)


  • Phoenixite: HP 1250→1158 (-7%)
  • Igloom: Penguins Attack power 60→54 (-10%)
  • Wyrmling: HP 540→513 (-5%)


  • Red Witch: Sense’s increased damage 20%→30%

【Eden Neutral】

  • Ana: Charm lasts for 8→6 sec
  • Helena: HP 3782→3438 (-9%)
  • Surprise Cannon: Little Flyer’s summon time 5→4 sec
  • Faceless Altar: Lasts for 30→36 sec; Faceless Hands summon time 5→6 sec

(The above refers to the lowest level of the cards, and the percent values are rounded to the nearest integer. For actual content, please see the in-game info.)

◎ Notes on the Balance Changes

The data from this season shows that the Beasts have stood out the most. There are differences depending on the mode and levels, but generally it is consistent. They have 52~55% win rate on the Battlefield (the highest, based on differences among levels); in Challenge mode it is 57%, where they are also leading. The other three factions are basically even, with minor differences.

So, there are a few main points for this balance change:

  1. Nerf the Beasts:
  • Mainly focused on nerfing the most used cards, to lower the pressure while defending against them.
  1. Improve the gaming experience:
  • During Challenge mode, the Faceless Altar isn’t exceptional, but it’s a huge deal on the Battlefield, especially in terms of increasing the chance of a tie. So, in the hopes of it not affecting the overall value of the experience, we decided to nerf it.
  • Besides this, AP Strafing combined with the Nuclear Strike is a little bit of an overkill. In order to improve the overall experience, we lowered the damage Nuclear Strike causes the Guardian.
  1. Adjusted the Strength of Legendary Cards:
  • In response to what we see in Challenge mode, we will continue to adjust the strength of the Legendary cards.
  1. Buffing cards that aren’t commonly used:
  • A main driving force for these changes was to buff those cards that are meant to deal with multi-unit cards. Among these, the Terminite Queen’s attack speed was lowered in a previous balance change, so we’re making up for it by making this card’s attack power higher.

◎ New Cards!!!!!

Besides these changes, 4 new cards will be added on 2/1. The new cards will be introduced on social media, so please stay tuned.

◎ The above changes will take effect on 2/1.

The Eden Coliseum is expected to undergo maintenance on 2/1 at 02:30 (UTC). If you have any thoughts on the balance adjustments, please feel free to leave a comment on Soul of Eden’s official Facebook, Discord, or Twitter page.