Hello Contestants,

In order to give the Contestants a better understanding of each faction’s performance in the coliseum, we’ll share data reports with you from time to time.
Moreover, you’ll also get to know the direction and reasoning behind balance changes made by the development team. Let’s take a look at the data from season one!

◎ Faction Win Rate

Due to the changes that were made to the Faceless Saint mid-season, we’ll separate the season into two parts. We’ll present you with two different win rates: the win rate of all players
(only calculates the Contestants that have unlocked all the factions) and the win rate of high-end players (the players that are in the top 1%, and whose faction scores are above 1300 points)

After excluding the ties, we find win rates between 45% to 55 % to be acceptable. We’ll subdivide the win rates into 5 parts: 48~52% is “balanced”, 45~48% is “weak”, 52~55% is “strong”, win rates below 45% is “too weak”, and win rates above 55% are “too strong”.

Before the changes to the Faceless Saint → After the changes to the Faceless Saint

  • Republic (all players): 48.71% Balanced → 49.64% Balanced

  • Republic (high-end players) 45.73% Weak → 49.02% Balanced

  • Alien (all players): 50.80% Balanced → 51.51% Balanced

  • Alien (high-end players) 55.18% Too Strong → 51.67% Balanced

  • Beasts (all players): 36.83% Too Weak → 43.57% Too Weak

  • Beasts (high-end players) 47.20% Too Weak → 50.81% Balanced

  • Empire (all players): 62.63% Too Strong → 55.72% Too Strong

  • Empire (high-end players) 52.97% Too Strong → 48.64% Balanced

It’s very obvious that before the changes to the Faceless Saint, the Beasts were too weak and the Empire was too strong.
This made us activate the mid-season balance changes and the final result matched our expectations.
The Empire’s win rate has dropped and the Beasts, the faction that had a hard time dealing with the Faceless Saint, its win rate has increased.

It’s worth noting that there’s a huge discrepancy between the Beasts’ performances among “all players” and “high-end players”.
There might be a couple of reasons for this phenomenon, such as the completeness of cards, the difficulty of mastering the faction, the level difference, and the gaming concept.
The points above may affect the Beasts’ performance.

If we only look at the performance of high-end players, we find that in the second half of the season, the Beasts became the faction with the second highest win rate.
However, there are three reasons why we still decided to slightly buff the Beasts at the end of the season.

  1. Excluding the high-end players, the overall data shows that Beasts are still too weak.
  2. According to the players’ feedback, most players feel that Beasts are the weakest.
  3. Among the high-end players, the Beasts have the lowest use rate.

Let’s discuss use rate. Here’s a list of the most used factions ranked from the highest to the lowest after the mid-season adjustments:

  • (All players) Republic>Empire>Beasts>Alien
  • (High-end players) Republic>Alien>Empire>Beasts

What’s worth mentioning is that balance changes can’t be made the last second before the season ends.
So, actually the balance team only had an extremely short period of time to observe and analyze the current statistics between the mid-season and the end of the season.
They came up with different plans and tested them out. This is why we tend to avoid unnecessary mid-season balance adjustments.

Although there will be new Eden cards added to the new season, considering the fact that not all the contestants will get the new cards and the level of the new cards, we’ve decided to buff the current Beasts exclusive cards in order to better the Beasts’ performance among the non high-end players.

We’ll continue to observe the changes we’ve made in season one and the balance effect caused by the new cards’ arrival as the basis for season two’s balance changes.

◎ Factions’ Relative Advantages and Disadvantages

Plenty of Contestants want to know the battle relationship between each faction. Here’s a list for your reference.
The win rate difference between 0~2% is “Balanced”, 2~5% is “Slightly Superior/Slightly Inferior”, 5~8% is “Superior/Inferior”, and the win rate above 8% is “Highly Superior/Highly Inferior”.
The following statistics are the data from the second half of season one.

  • Republic (all players): Alien (Slightly Inferior) Beasts (Balanced) Empire (Balanced)

  • Republic (high-end players): Alien (Balanced) Beasts (Inferior) Empire (Inferior)

  • Alien (all players): Republic (Slightly Superior) Beasts (Balanced) Empire (Slightly Inferior)

  • Alien (high-end players): Republic (Balanced) Beasts (Superior) Empire (Highly Superior)

  • Beasts (all players): Republic (Balanced) Alien (Balanced) Empire (Inferior)

  • Beasts (high-end players): Republic (Superior) Alien (Inferior) Empire (Balanced)

  • Empire (all players): Republic (Balanced) Alien (Slightly Superior) Beasts (Superior)

  • Empire (high-end players): Republic (Superior) Alien (Highly Inferior) Beasts (Balanced)

We’ll take the factions’ battle relationship into consideration when performing balance adjustments.
For example, judging from the win rate, the Alien’s win rate among the high-end players is 51.67%.
It doesn’t seem too high, but actually Alien has a huge advantage against the Beasts and Empire.
Due to the differences in use rate, Alien has more matches with the Republic, resulting in a decreased win rate.

Combining the plans of buffing the Beasts, we’ve decided to increase the Beasts’ ability of dealing AoE damage to fight against the Alien, thus we’ve buffed Dynafrog and Salamander, as well as nerfing Terminite Queen and Hotshot, which are often used when playing as Alien.

As for the Empire, even though it’s highly inferior against the Alien among the high-end players, considering the fact that Empire’s win rate is “too strong” among all players, and there will be new Empire cards coming to the game, we’ve decided not to perform any adjustments targeting Empire exclusive cards.
We’ll observe the data changes after the new cards are added to the game then decide whether it’s necessary to perform any balance adjustments.

◎ Tie Rate

We hope to make the tie rate below 10%. Currently, the tie rate among all players is around 3~8%, and the Alien is the highest; The tie rate among the high-end players is around 11~18%, with Empire having the highest.

Currently, the tie rate among high-end players seems quite high.
When we perform balance adjustments or design new cards in the future, decreasing the tie rate will be one of our main goals.

◎ You’re welcome to share your thoughts with us!

The team is always happy to hear your thoughts. Of course, there are multiple aspects in terms of data analysis and balance adjustments, so we’re not able to discuss them all in detail.

We truly value the Contestants’ opinions and the team always follows players’ feedback on social media. If you have any thoughts, you’re more than welcome to share them with us!