Hello Contestants!

The balance changes included in the upcoming 3/1 update are listed below. Read on for details!

◎ Introduction
This season we’re focusing on strengthening cards with high Soul costs, especially those costing 7 or more Souls. We want to make these high-cost cards feel like real hard hitters on the battlefield and not units that can be easily dealt with by enemy forces. Essentially, we want to make sure you get your Soul’s worth! There are some big changes here which are sure to have a hefty knock-on effect on Battlefield matches and Challenges. We’ll be keeping an eye on the results of these changes and welcome all players to share their thoughts and feedback with us on Soul of Eden’s official Facebook, Discord or Twitter.

Additionally, as the Beasts faction has been absolutely crushing it in Challenges, we’ve nerfed a couple of Beasts cards to keep things interesting.


  • Engineer: [Battlecry] Nearby allied structures regain 800 HP → 900 HP (+12.5%) and Guardian regains 200 HP → 450 HP (+125%)
  • Stealth Blaster: Attack Power 135 → 162 (+20.0%)

This buff to Engineer should allow the Republic faction to keep its Guardian better protected, making it easier to create a decent gap in HP to the enemy Guardian.

Stealth Blaster’s buff in December didn’t strengthen it as much as we expected, so we’ve given it another attack power increase.

[Gaia Neutral]

  • Tracker 745: [Passive] Skill Damage: 579 → 868 (+50.0%)
  • Goliath: Attack Power 333 → 375 (+12.6%)
  • Miner Mech: HP 5060 → 5954 (+17.6%), Movement Speed 6.5 → 5.5
  • Landmine: Damage 700 → 840 (+20.0%)

Seeing as how awesome Tracker 745’s cannon attack looks, we thought it should have the destructive power to match. Plus Tracker’s been lagging behind in the Battlefield, so we’ve given it a pretty big boost this time.

This buff to Goliath’s attack power should allow it to easily take out groups of low-cost units, thus boosting its usability in battle.

We’ve received feedback from a lot of players telling us that Miner Mech’s speed boost has made it weaker in battle. As such, we’ve reverted its speed back to its previous value and given it a big HP boost. We hope this will make Miner Mech live up to its high Soul cost.

A boost to its damage should enable Landmine to make light work of commonly used close combat units such as Brutaxe, Lupine Warrior and Leecher.


  • Salamander: [Aura] Deals 116 → 149 (+27.5%) damage per second, Attack Power 119 → 149 (+24.3%)
  • Noxious Fox: [On-hit] Attacks cause enemies to take 20% → 30% more damage
  • Hellbilly: [Sense] Deal 32 → 21 (-33.3%) more damage permanently
  • Call of the Wild: Duration 6s → 5s, all allied units deal 45% → 35% more damage
  • Lupine Warrior: [Enrage] Attack Speed 100% → 50%

Salamander’s damage stats just weren’t living up to current Battlefield standards. Don’t worry, Salamander. We’ve got you covered.

We’ve raised Noxious Fox’s stink (already pretty unbearable) which should allow it to effectively help its allies take out enemy units with high HP.

After observing the last two seasons, we’ve decided to nerf a couple of Beasts faction cards with unusually high win and use rates. They should still be strong cards after these changes, just not the battlefield tyrants they once were.


  • Ida: Attack Distance 13 → 16
  • Thymes: HP 4845 → 5313 (+9.6%), Attack Power 281 → 313 (+11.3%)

This boost to Ida’s attack distance allows her to attack the enemy Guardian from outside its attack range, making her a real pain in your opponent’s behind.

Thymes is already an impressive destructive force, but we decided she needed a little more HP to take on the enemy’s biggest hitters.

[Eden Neutral]

  • Hilda: Attack Power 247 → 281 (+13.7%)
  • Doomtower: [Passive] Shockwave Range 8 → 12, Damage Intervals 2.5s → 2s
  • Faceless Saint: HP 4614 → 5060 (+9.6%), [Passive] Shockwave Damage 165 → 221 (+33.9%), Movement Speed 6.5 → 5
  • Geo-Giant: Attack Speed 2.5 → 2 (sped up by 25%)
  • [Geo-Giant Summoner] Geo-Tower: Attack Speed 4 → 3 (sped up by 33%), Attack Power 179 → 198 (+10.6%)

Hilda is a card that we’re always hesitant about adjusting. Her ability to grow gives her power a snowball effect in battle. Too big a buff could make battles completely one-sided affairs. But based on the last few seasons, we decided a little boost to her attack power is in order.

We hope this big buff to Doomtower’s powers will make it Eiden Neutral’s new top choice for turning the tide in battle.

We don’t think Faceless Saint’s shockwave should be a total instakill for all low-cost enemy units, but we do think it’s damage could do with a little boost. We’ll keep an eye on Faceless Saint and decide whether further buffs are needed in the future.

We’ve given Geo-Tower a big buff that we hope will make it a key inclusion in Eiden Neutral decks going forward.

(The above refers to the lowest level of the cards, with percent values rounded to the nearest integer. For actual content, please see in-game info.)

◎The above changes will take effect on 3/1

The Eden Coliseum is expected to undergo maintenance on 3/1 at 02:30 (UTC). If you have any thoughts or feedback on the balance changes, please feel free to leave a comment on Soul of Eden’s official Facebook, Discord or Twitter.