《Explanation of Percentage Buff/Debuff Mechanisms》

At present, when units grant allied or enemy units buffs or debuffs, the effects will stack when granted multiple times (e.g. Twisted Vine causes a reduction in enemy attack speed, Venomite causes enemies to take more damage, Energy Beacon increases ally attack speed, etc.).

Example: after receiving an attack from Venomite, enemy units will receive a 20% increase in damage received. After receiving a second attack from Venomite, the effects will stack and the damage received will increase to 40% (20% from receiving first attack + 20% from receiving second attack = 40% increase in damage received).

In addition to this, the game has internal limits set for these percentage buffs and debuffs. Details are as follows (100% represents original starting value):

  • Attack Speed (Energy Beacon, Brutaxe, Adrenaline, etc.)
    Limits: 25%~200% (¼ to 2 x Attack Speed)

  • Movement Speed (Vindicator, Adrenaline, etc.)
    Limits: 30%~300% (Approx. ⅓ to 3 x Movement Speed)

  • Attack Damage (Red Witch, Wyrmling, etc.)
    Limits: 0%~250% (1 to 2.5 x Attack Damage)

  • Damage Received (Shield, Pulse Tank, Venomite, Dissolve, etc.)
    Limits: 20%~300% (⅕ to 3 x Damage Received)

All percentage buffs and debuffs follow these set limits. The following is an example using Attack Speed to more clearly illustrate how the effects stack:

After receiving an Attack Speed buff from Energy Beacon (lv. 2), the unit’s Attack Speed will receive a 60% increase (Attack Speed increased to 160% in total). If the unit then receives a second buff from the Energy Beacon, even though the effects will stack, as the buff would exceed the set upper limit (200%), the second buff would be limited to a 40% increase (100% starting value + 60% first buff + 40% second buff = 200% upper limit).

Conversely, when receiving attacks from Poison Gecko that cause a reduction in Attack Speed, the effects will stack for every attack received. After receiving the first attack, Attack Speed will be reduced by 25% (reducing Attack Speed to 75%); after receiving a second attack, Attack speed will reduce a further 25% (reducing Attack Speed to 50%) etc., until the lower limit of 25% is reached.

The time duration of effects from each attack are independently calculated (each effect lasts 3 seconds after the attack lands; the effects from separate attacks do not affect each other).

《Upper and Lower Limit Mechanisms》

In addition to the mechanisms described above, when a unit has received buffs exceeding the upper limit but then receives a debuff, the debuff will be calculated ignoring the upper limits and instead using the original total value of the buffs.

Using Attack speed again as an example: if a unit has received two Attack Speed buffs from Energy Beacon (lv. 2), then the total increase would be 100% (original value) + 60% + 60% = 220%, however, due to the upper limit, the actual in-game total value would be 200%.

If before the effects of these two stacked buffs have worn off, the unit then receives an attack from Poison Gecko causing Attack Speed to be reduced by 25%, then this would be calculated as 220% (total Attack Speed after receiving two buffs from Energy Beacon without taking the upper limit into account) - 25% = 195%.

※ Effects with set numerical values are not subject to the upper/lower limits (e.g. Empire Guardian’s Skill to increase damage dealt by a set value, Hotshot’s ability to increase damage dealt by a set value with every attack, etc.)
※ If a unit’s Attack Damage is reduced to 0%, each attack will still cause at least 1HP of damage