Hello, Contestants!

The balance changes included in the upcoming 8/30 update are listed below. Read on for details!

◎ Introduction
We’re celebrating Soul of Eden’s 2nd anniversary starting from 8/26! We’ve decided to take this opportunity to buff cards that were released in the early stages of the game. We encourage players to revisit these cards and put them to good use, and we hope these changes enable new players to get started on the front foot.


  • Sniper: Attack Power 378→425 (+12.4%)


  • Leecher: HP 737 → 794 (+7.7%)
  • Twisted Vine: [On-hit] Attacks reduce enemy Attack Speed 15%→20%

[Gaia Neutral]

  • Arachling: Attack Power 53→62 (+16.9%)
  • Bloodbloom: Attack Power 255→284 (+11.3%)


  • Raabid: Attack Power 238→268 (+12.6%)
  • Wyrmling: Attack Power 121→135 (+11.5%)


  • Holy Guardian: Movement Speed 5.5→6.5, [Sense] Regain HP 678→814 (+20.0%)

[Eden Neutral]

  • Imperial Guard: HP 1755 → 1890 (+7.6%)

(The above refers to the lowest level of the cards, with percentages rounded to the nearest integer. Please see in-game for the most accurate and up-to-date values.)

◎The above changes will take effect on 8/30

The Eden Coliseum is expected to undergo maintenance on 8/30 at 02:30 (UTC). If you have any thoughts or feedback on the balance changes, please feel free to leave a comment on Soul of Eden’s official Facebook, Discord or Twitter.