Hello Contestants!

The 18th Season in the Eden Coliseum is going strong! Here are some details about point resets, the season avatar, and more:

【Season Wrap Up Event】
During the wrap-up event, by participating in battles and increasing their scores, players can receive a Season 18 Avatar based on their final ranking at the end of the season. In addition, all players will receive participation rewards providing they have participated in at least 1 battle in the Battlefield during the event. Battlefield scores and Tower of Honor rewards will be reset at the start of the new season.

※ Worldwide Battlefield scores will be used when calculating leaderboard rankings.

【Event Time】
1/25 2:35 ~ 3/1 2:35 (UTC)

【Point Reset】
At the start of a new season, each contestant’s points for the 4 factions will be reset to a new score, based on the following rules:

  1. Factions with a score of 900 or lower will not have their score adjusted.
  2. Factions with a score of over 900 will have their proportionally adjusted such that it is closer to 900.

[Resetting Tower of Honor Rewards]
After the new season begins, all Tower of Honor Rewards above 3000 points will be reset. Players will be able to recollect rewards once the new season begins.

【Leaderboard Rewards】
1st ~ 10th Place

  • Season 18 Avatar (Legendary) 11th ~ 30th Place
  • Season 18 Avatar (Gold) 31st ~ 100th
  • Season 18 Avatar (Silver) 101st ~ 1000th
  • Season 18 Avatar (Bronze)

※ The player’s ranking is based on the player’s Battlefield score calculated at the end of the season as it relates to worldwide Battlefield scores
※ If a player enters a match before the season ends, it may affect their ranking
※ The above rewards will be given out on 3/1 at 02:45 (UTC) and will be sent to player’s in-game inbox.

【Season Rewards】

So long as players participate in 1 Battlefield match during the event time, they’ll get:

  • Shiny Star Pack *1

※ The above reward will be given out on 3/1 at 02:35 (UTC) and will be sent to player’s in-game inbox.

Good luck during the new season! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.