Hello Contestants!

Here are the balance changes included in the upcoming 1/25 update:


  • Riot Trooper: Attack Power 126 → 162 (+28.5%)
  • Grenadier: Attack Power 357 → 397 (+11.2%), Movement Speed 7.5 → 5.5
  • Defender: Attack Power 170 → 142 (-16.5%)

Riot Trooper might have high HP, but its low Attack Power makes it a little awkward to use in battle. With this buff, it should be able to take out lower-cost units and not have to rely so much on its allies for support.

A reduction in Movement Speed means Grenadier can receive better protection from allied units, which should allow Grenadier’s long-range destructive powers shine through!

Defender has had great results over the past few seasons. No matter whether defending the allied Guardian or in the middle of the battlefield, Defender’s Aura has shown itself to be an extremely effective tool. Nerfing its Attack Power ensures it doesn’t get overly powerful while still maintaining its status as a worthwhile unit battling shoulder to shoulder with allies.


  • Soul Divider: [Passive] When this card is played, deal non-lethal damage to allied guardian 10% → 5%, Movement Speed 5.5 → 6.5

The cost of using Soul Divider in battle has shown itself to be a little too high. Reducing damage dealt to the allied guardian when deployed should help see its usage rates soar.

【Gaia Neutral】

  • Miner Mech: Movement Speed 5.5 → 6.5

With a little extra spring in its step, Miner Mech should prove to be a much greater threat to its foes.


  • Jacob: [Aura] Increase ally Attack Speed and Movement Speed 40% → 50%; [Detect] Fire a bolt that damages enemies in a straight line - Cooldown 3s → 2s
  • Nightblade Doomcaster: [Oh-hit] Attacks cause enemies to take more damage 10% → 7.5%
  • Shield: Duration 6s → 5s

We feel Jacob needs a little boost in power to live up to his soul cost of 8, but to avoid changing too much at once, we decided we’d first buff his two special skills and see how things go.

Nightblade Doomcaster has shown itself to be a little too handy for a unit with a soul cost of 2. Nerfing its Aura effect should even things up a bit.

After leveling Shield up, destroying units that have received its big damage reduction boost becomes no easy feat. We class Shield as a unit for providing powerful short-term boosts in defense, and as such feel a duration of 6s is just a tad too long.

【Eiden Neutral】

  • Faceless Saint: Movement Speed 5 → 6.5
  • Geo-Giant: Cost 7 → 6
  • [Geo-Giant Summoner] Geo-Tower: HP 2381 → 2084 (-13.5%)

Just like the Miner Mech, a boost to Faceless Saint’s speed should make it more of a battlefield threat.

Due to its unique skill set, Geo-Giant has been designed with fairly conservative stats, meaning its battle results haven’t been ideal thus far. We’ve dropped its soul cost which should hopefully allow Geo-Giant to work better in synergy with its allies.

Nerfing Geo-Tower’s HP might make it easier for foes to wipe out, but it also gives the chance for healing units to put their powers to good use and keep Geo-Tower alive for as long as possible.

(The above refers to the lowest level of the cards, and the percent values are rounded to the nearest integer. For actual content, please see the in-game info.)

◎The above changes will take effect on 1/25

The Eden Coliseum is expected to undergo maintenance on 1/25 at 02:30 (UTC). If you have any thoughts or feedback on the balance changes, please feel free to leave a comment on Soul of Eden’s official Facebook, Discord or Twitter.