Hello, Contestants!

In our upcoming 10/26 update, the following balance changes will be made:


Following last season’s balance changes, the win rates among each of the four factions became a lot more competitive, and this next season we’re focusing on balancing out the more under-powered cards. That being said, we will be nerfing two of the Empire’s damage reduction cards which have proven to be a little too powerful.


  • Pulse Tank: Attack Power 268→298 (+11.1%)
  • Adrenaline: Increase effect duration 7s→9s

Both Pulse Tank and Adrenaline have mid-range usage rates (deployed in around 30% of high-level ranking battles), but their win rates up till now have been less than ideal. Both cards have great potential, so hopefully these buffs will help them perform better in battle. Additionally, new players can acquire them in the game’s earlier stages, which was another important factor in our decision to give them a buff.

【Gaia Neutral】

  • The Meteorite: [Active] Skill Cooldown 10s→8s
  • Penetree: Attack Power 248→216 (-13.0%); Attack Speed 1.5→1 (33% faster)
  • Shotgunner: HP 1755→2079 (+18.4%)

That’s right, we’ve decided to buff up Tracker 745 and Penetree once again since last season’s adjustments didn’t really provide a significant improvement in performance.

This time, we’ve reduced Track 745’s Skill Cooldown, allowing it to more frequently teleport around the arena and use its firepower to deal serious damage to the enemy.

Penetree’s Attack frequency has been increased, which will help it cope better against enemies with mid- and low-level HP.

Buffing Shotgunner was done for the same reason as the two Republic cards above - stengthening cards available to new players.


  • Mary: [Passive] Reduced damage inflicted by enemies surrounding her 10%→16%; HP 1563→1719 (+9.9%)
  • Salamander: Movement Speed 5→7.5
  • Wyrmling: Attack Power 100→121 (+21.0%)

Considering her Soul Power cost of 5, Mary’s effectiveness in battle is a little lacking, so it was decided to buff her defensive abilities to make her more of a headache for her enemies.

Several rounds of debuffing and the addition of new cards has caused Salamander to slowly start disappearing from the arena. Increasing its Movement Speed will hopefully help it deal with long-range enemies and should also ensure that Salamander more rapidly poses a threat to enemies when going on the offensive.

Since Lupine Warrior came out, the Wyrmling’s existence within any Beast deck has almost become a bit “awkward”. Increasing its Attack Power will hopefully restore it to its rightful place within Beast decks everywhere.

Nightblade Protector: HP 1,637→1,488 (-9.2%)

Last season saw Nightblade Protector’s strength going a bit overboard, so its HP has been taken down a notch.

【Eden Neutral】

  • Turtalon: Aura damage reduction effect 25%→20%
  • Doomtower: [Passive] Damage Intervals 3s→2.5s; Duration 20s→25s

Combined with Shield and the Nightblade card series, Turtalon’s damage reduction aura has proved to be very powerful and so we’ve decided to nerf it slightly.

We’ve beefed up Doomotower’s defensive abilities to hopefully make it one of the top defensive cards of choice for player’s decks.

◎ The above changes will take effect on 10/26

The Eden Coliseum is expected to undergo maintenance on 10/26 at 03:00 (UTC). If you have any thoughts or feedback on the balance changes, please feel free to leave a comment on Soul of Eden’s official Facebook, Discord or Twitter.