Hello Contestants!

In the upcoming 9/28 update, the following balance changes will be made:


  • Furi: Battlecry:All allied units regain 30% HP → 20%
  • AP Strafing: Enemies take 50% more damage → 30%
  • Carpet Bombing: Guardian takes 48 damage per second → 24 (-50.0%)

Republic has always performed relatively well in the Eden Coliseum, especially in challenges, where the Republic has both the highest use and win rates among all 4 factions. As such, in this update we are nerfing 3 key Republic cards. We were originally planning to make adjustments to even more Republic cards, however, since cards from other factions are receiving buffs in this update, we’ve decided to observe the coming season before deciding whether to adjust more Republic cards or not.


  • Soul Divider: Attack Power 90 → 135 (+50.0%)
  • Prime Leecher: Attack Power 298 → 357 (+20.0%)

With Soul Divider’s low HP, dealing 10% non-lethal damage to the allied guardian has proven to be too costly. This buff to Soul Divider should make them a lot more effective in battle.

Prime Leecher has a decent win rate in match-ups for lower-ranking players, however, it becomes much easier to deal with as soon as players figure out how. Increasing its Attack Power should make it more threatening to opponents without creating too much of a snowball effect.

【Gaia Neutral】

  • Jubilant Juicer: Green juice will cause increases in Attack Speed and Movement Speed 20% → 40%; Red juice will cause the unit to permanently deal 40% more damage → 60%
  • Tracker 745: HP 3438 → 4063 (+18.1%)
  • Penetree: Soul Power Cost 5 → 4
  • Zap Guard: HP 1935 → 1786 (-7.8%)

In order to allow Jubilant Juicer to have a bigger impact on battles, as well as create a more fun gaming experience for players, we’ve given the effects of both juices a big buff.

Tracker 745 is a card with complex abilities and awesome special effects. However, its HP is a little too low for a card that costs 7 Soul Power. With this HP buff it should now be able to live up to its high cost in battle.

Penetree is a unique offensive structure, however, its cost of 5 Soul Power makes it difficult to use in battle. As such, we’ve slightly decreased its Soul Power cost.

Zap Guard is a card that is effectively able to protect allied units while stopping close-range enemies from attacking with its taunt effect. It was decided that Zap Guard’s HP was a little too high for a card with such powerful abilities.


  • Bless: Soul Power Cost 4 → 2; HP recovered 2025 → 810 (-60.0%)
  • Lupine Warrior: Attack Power 135 → 126 (-6.7%), [Bloodlust] Attack Power Increase 54 → 38 (-29.7%)

The Soul Power cost for Bless has decreased which should allow it to be more flexibly utilized in conjunction with other cards.

Lupine Warrior has had fairly high win and use rates since its release, with its win rate being 3 percentage points higher than the card with the next highest win rate in the previous season. The hope is that slightly nerfing Lupine Warrior will ensure it remains a powerful card without breaking the balance of the game.


  • Nightblade Protector: Attack Power 133 → 198 (+48.8%); HP 1429 → 1637 (+14.5%); [Sense] Increase Attack Power by 55 → 44 (-20.0%)
  • Hellbringer: Attack Power 71 → 89 (+25.3%)
  • Punchtank: HP 1985 → 2352 (+18.4%)
  • Jacob: Attack Power 366 → 375 (+0.2%); [Aura] Increase the Attack Speed and Movement Speed of allies within the skill range 30% → 40%

A few Empire cards that have lower win rates have been buffed in the hope that they’ll be utilized more frequently in battle.

【Eden Neutral】

  • Snowy Owl Fighter: HP 1215 → 1620 (+33.3%)
  • Reaper: [Bloodlust] Regain HP when killing enemies 15% → 10%
  • Doom Walker: [Sacrifice] The additional Doom Walker will only have 75% of the real Doom Walker’s max HP.

Reaper has become a bit too overpowered since its buff for the previous season and so we’ve decided to reverse the previous buff.

Even after nerfing Doom Walker several times, it still has the highest win rate among all Eden Neutral cards, therefore we’ve decided to nerf it once again this season.

(The above refers to the lowest level of the cards with percent values rounded to the nearest integer. For actual values, please see in-game info.)

◎ The above changes will take effect on 9/28

The Eden Coliseum is expected to undergo maintenance on 9/28 at 02:30 (UTC). If you have any thoughts or feedback on the balance changes, please feel free to leave a comment on Soul of Eden’s official Facebook, Discord or Twitter.