Hello Contestants!

Happy Rayark 10th Anniversary! Various Celebratory Events Are Now Open!

[Limited-Time Formally Dressed Card Artwork]

  • Event Time: 9/10 ~ 9/28 02:30 (UTC)
  • Event Content: During the event, “Furi” and “Tadakatsu” will be dressing up all fancy to celebrate Rayark’s 10th anniversary!

[Log in to Receive Commemorative Avatars]

  • Event Time: 9/11 ~ 9/25 02:59 (UTC)
  • Event Content: During the event, log in to the game to receive two commemorative avatars! Don’t miss out on the super adorable “10th Anniversary Furi” avatar!

[Mystery Box Giveaway]

  • Event Time: 9/11 ~ 9/18 02:59 (UTC)
  • Event Content: During the event, receive a Mystery Box each day that you log in to the game! Open the Mystery Boxes to collect awesome rewards!

※ Mystery Boxes will contain a random selection of Soulstones, Coins, Dust, Soul Capsules, Stardust, Card Packs and Soul Capsule Boosters.
※ Mystery Boxes will be delivered directly to your in-game inbox. They will be opened automatically after collecting them from your inbox.