Hello Contestants!

In the upcoming 8/31 update, the following balance changes will be made:


  • Twisted Vine: [On-hit] Attacks reduce enemy Attack Speed 25%→15%, Duration 1s→2s
  • Broodworm: Larvae explosion damage 284→368 (+29.5%), Larvae explosion damage to enemy Guardian 425→441 (+3.7%)

【Gaia Neutral】

  • Tracker 745: [Active] Skill Cooldown 12s→10s
  • Medi-bot: Healing power 65→85 (+30.7%)
  • Mechabuzz: HP 2268→1843 (-19.8%), Attack Power 255→227 (-11.0%)


  • Spike Boar: [On-hit] Attacks reduce enemy Attack Speed 30%→12.5%, Duration 1s→3s
  • Noxious Fox: [On-hit] Duration of attacks causing enemies to take more damage 3s→4s
  • Blood Ritual: Damage reduction effect 40%→45%


  • Holy Guardian: HP 2381→2712 (+13.9%), [Sense] Regain HP 595→678 (+13.9%)
  • Astral Warp: Duration of warp 7s→9s, Duration of increased damage to enemy units 7s→9s

【Eden Neutral】

  • Reaper: Attack Power 255→284 (+11.3%), Regain HP when killing enemies 10%→15%

(The above refers to the lowest level of the cards with percent values rounded to the nearest integer. For actual values, please see in-game info.)

◎ The above changes will take effect on 8/31

The Eden Coliseum is expected to undergo maintenance on 8/31 at 02:30 (UTC). If you have any thoughts or feedback on the balance changes, please feel free to leave a comment on Soul of Eden’s official Facebook, Discord or Twitter.