Hello Contestants!

The Coliseum will be updated on 7/27 at 02:30 (UTC). The update will include the following content.

Update Content:
【Soul Capsule Upper Limit Increase】
【New Additions to Emoji Shop】

【Soul Capsule Upper Limit Increase】

  • The upper limit for the maximum number of Rare Soul Capsules that can be held will be increased from 20 to 50.

※ If this upper limit is exceeded, gold coins equivalent to the number of exceeded Soul Capsules will be automatically sent to players’ inboxes as compensation.

【New Additions to Emoji Shop】

  • Four emojis, previously only obtainable through bundles, are coming to the Emoji Shop. These emojis have the chance to appear each day when the Emoji Shop refreshes.
  • Players can purchase these emojis for 500 Soulstones each (same price as all other emojis).
  • These emojis were originally available in the Furi and Red Witch Bundles, with two coming from each.

※ The Emoji Shop will refresh every day at 03:00 (UTC).
※ Current battle emojis can be changed via accessing My Page from the Battle tab.