Hello Contestants!

Crazy Sizzurp challenge is here for a limited time!

All players can take part for free - grab your mightiest deck and get battling!

【Challenge Availability】
6/29 03:00 ~ 7/2 14:00 (UTC)

Must have a total ranking score of at least 1000

【Please Note】

  1. Any challenge rewards obtained will be sent to your mailbox on 7/2 after 14:10 (UTC).
  2. Players can access Crazy Sizzurp challenge from the top left of the Battle tab.
  3. Players can only take on the challenge once.
  4. If a player suffers 3 losses, Soulstones can be used to preserve the current number of wins, reset the current number of losses to zero and allow the player to continue taking on the challenge.