Hello Contestants!

Starting on 6/29 02:30 (UTC) we will adjust the amount of Soulstones received as a reward for purchasing Soulstones for the first time. After purchasing any of the Soulstone products in the shop for the first time, you’ll now get 50% more Soulstones! This will be reset for all players after the update, meaning you’ll be able to collect the Soulstones first purchase reward after the update even if you have previously made a purchase!

6/29 02:30 (UTC)

[Comparison of Previous and New Reward Amounts ]
From left to right [amount of Soulstones: original reward -> new reward]

  • 90 Soulstones: 0% -> 50%
  • 390 Soulstones: 0% -> 50%
  • 900 Soulstones: 15% -> 50%
  • 2000 Soulstones: 20% -> 50%
  • 5100 Soulstones: 25% -> 50%
  • 9500 Soulstones: 30% -> 50%

For instance, if a player purchases 9500 Soulstones for the first time, this player will obtain 9500 Soulstones + 4750 Soulstones as a reward, for a total of 14250 Soulstones.

[Please Note]

  • The first purchase rewards for each Soultsone product are independent. For example, purchasing 90 Soulstones will not affect the first purchase reward for purchasing 390 Soulstones, etc.
  • Players who have already received first purchase rewards will be able to receive them once again after the update.
  • Purchased Soulstones are split into two categories: “Paid Soulstones” and “Free Soulstones”. Currently there are no differences between these 2 types of Soulstones in the game. For descriptions of these 2 types of Soulstones and the ratio of “Paid Soulstones” and “Free Soulstones”, please check out the “Details Concerning the Different Types of Soulstones” announcement on our official website.