【Event Details】
Smart Shooter and Jubilant Juicer are coming to “Lucky Gift of the Day”!

【Event Period】
5/11 03:00 ~ 5/25 03:00 (UTC)

【New Lucky Gift Details】

  1. Smart Shooter x5
  • Cost: 2 Stardust
  • Daily Stock: 3
  1. Jubilant Juicer x5
  • Cost: 6 Stardust
  • Daily Stock: 3

【Please Note】

  • Players need to reach a Battlefield score of at least 1700 to access “Lucky Gift of the Day”.
  • Stardust can be accumulated by purchasing card packs and bundles from the in-game store.
  • The daily purchase limit will be reset every day at 03:00 (UTC).