Hello Contestants!

Starting on 5/4 we will be holding a special “Top Up Event”. During the event, if you spend equal to or more than the specified amounts described below, you’ll be able to get awesome rewards like a special Limited-Edition Avatar, Legendary Soul Capsules, Stardust x30, plus many more!

【Event Period】

2021/5/4 03:00 ~ 2021/5/25 02:59 (UTC)

【Event Details】
When spending greater than or equal to one of the specified amounts during the event, players can access the “Top Up Event” page via the top-left of their screens to instantly redeem rewards. After redeeming, the rewards will be instantly sent to players’ inboxes.

【Event Rewards】

Spending greater or equal to the following amounts will unlock the corresponding rewards:

  1. USD$0.99: Limited-Edition Avatar
  2. USD$2.99: Both Gaia & Eden Stardust x1000
  3. USD$4.99: Legendary Soul Capsule x1
  4. USD$9.99: Soul Capsule Boosters x10
  5. USD$24.99: Dutiful Bravery Pack x1
  6. USD$49.99: Stardust x30
  7. USD$99.99: Final General Pack x1

【Please Note】

  1. The amount players have spent will not reset when redeeming rewards and will continue to accumulate over the course of the event.
  2. Due to the exchange rates of different currencies, the set amounts needed to be spent may vary slightly.
  3. After the event has concluded, we will use the most favorable currency conversion rate to allow players to receive any supplemental rewards (e.g. Players A & B both buy the same three items, however due to the conversion rates, Player A receives 3 rewards whereas Player B only receives 2; in this case, the third reward will be sent to Player B’s inbox after the event has concluded).
  4. All supplemental rewards as described above will be sent upon the player’s first log in after 5/25 02:59 (UTC).
  5. Players will no longer be able to access the event page after 5/25 02:59 (UTC).