Hello Contestants!

In the upcoming 5/4 update, we’ll perform the following balance changes:

◎ Adjustments to Soul Power recovery rate

In this update we are planning to make big adjustments to the rate at which Soul Power recovers. This should speed up the tempo of the entire game.

If we take the current starting speed for Soul Power recovery as equaling 1, then the planned adjustments can be be illustrated as follows:

  • Current: x1.0→x1.5→x2.0→x2.5
  • Adjusted: x1.3→x1.3→x2.6→x2.6

After the adjustments, the maximum amount of Soul Power available will be 10% higher than previously. This is likely to have a knock-on effect on deck building and strategy, e.g. lower-cost decks have a higher chance of running out of cards before the timer hits zero. Players should pay special attention to this.

We will list all of the details of the Soul Power recovery rate adjustments in a future post.

As the adjustments this time will have a big effect on the game, we would like to invite all players to share your thoughts and opinions on the adjustments with the team. We will look at all your feedback from this season and make a decision of whether to keep these adjustments or if further adjustments are needed.

◎ Increased Movement Speed for siege-type cards

In this round of balance changes, siege-type cards will all be receiving boost in Movement Speed. We hope that this will increase the invasive powers of these units and also help up the tempo of battle.

The cards affected are the following (although Broodworm is technically not a siege unit, it occupies a similar position on the battlefield and so has been included in the changes):

  • (Republic) Stealth Breaker: Movement Speed 8.5 → 10
  • (Aliens) Broodworm: Movement Speed 12.5 → 13.5
  • (Gaia Neutral) Demolisher: Movement Speed 8.5 → 10
  • (Beasts) Raabid: Movement Speed 15 → 16
  • (Empire) Siege Ram: Movement Speed 12.5 → 13.5

Other than the cards above, we have a waiting list of other potential cards to include. However, due to the Soul Power recovery speed adjustments potentially having a big effect on the game, we have decided to hold off on making further changes now and will wait until we have had time to observe the effect of these new adjustments before making further balance changes.

◎ Fine tuning of Movement Speed

We will adjust cards with Movement Speeds of 4.9 → 5 and 10.1 → 10.

Cards that had Movement Speeds of 10.1 will go from a classification of “Very Fast” to “Fast”. The classification of cards that had Movement Speeds of 4.9 will not change.

These adjustments are mainly just for display purposes and should have no real effect on gameplay. The cards affected are the following:

(Movement Speed 10.1 → 10)
Arachling, Weeze, Lupine Warrior, Wyrmling, Phoenixite

(Movement Speed 4.9 → 5)
Commander, Stealth Blaster, Twisted Vine, Noxious Fox, Salamander, Greenwood Archer, Nightblade Protector, Turtalon, Ballista, Hilda, Faceless Saint

◎ New cards!

Apart from the above changes, the 5/4 update will include the release of 2 brand-new cards. Keep an eye on social media for a sneak peek!

◎ The above changes will take effect on 5/4

The Eden Coliseum is expected to undergo maintenance on 5/4 at 02:30 (UTC). If you have any thoughts on the balance adjustments, please feel free to leave a comment on Soul of Eden’s official Facebook, Discord, or Twitter page.