Players… we’ve got some bad news.

Last Friday we received a notice from “Furi” about some upcoming shenanigans. After much discussion, we have decided to publish the information for the sake of transparency. The following is the latest installment of what the media’s been calling… Furileaks. (Queue suspenseful music)

Dear Development Team,

After copping a few files last week, I gotta sneak peek at some of the April Fool’s events the SoE squad was planning. Forgive me for being blunt, but those things totally SUCKED. So, on April 1st I’ll be doing you a HUGE favor and helping out with some major changes.


The two bundles you were offering during the event were the lamest of the lamiest lame-Os. Those things were April Fool’s jokes, right? Ha. Expensive AND boring!? Lucky you, doo-doo, I’m going to help out by adding two awesome avatars to the bundles. Plus, seen as I’m in such a good mood, I won’t charge you a single penny!


What’s up with the April Fool’s mode planned for the Playground? The Guardians for both sides respawn with full health after being destroyed? No, no, no. LAME-O, GAME-O. Let me, Furi, that’s right, the real Furi, make some much needed improvements. Firstly, let’s speed up Soul Power recovery a little. Then, we’ll have the players swap half their decks. Much better, right? Ah, I almost forgot, we’re getting rid of that Guardian respawn.

【Card Artwork】

The last of the improvements is down to a little of my own personal self-indulgence. I’ve collected so many great pieces of artwork, it would be such a shame if only I got to enjoy them. Might as well take this opportunity to change the artwork for some of the cards. Below are the cards that will be getting altered:

Furi, Triton, Stealth Blade, Riot Trooper, Energy Beacon, Stealth Breaker, Rosaline, Bio-field, Adrenaline, Xenoclaw, Painling, Belle, Exhaust, Venomite, Broodworm, Leotaur, Dynafrog, Hellbilly, Wyrmling, Trample, Horn Chicken, Summon, Salamander, Igloom, Jacob, Holy Guardian, Nightblade Sister, Punchtank, Hilda, Astral Warp, Tadakatsu, Leon, Nikola, Catapod, Warpig, Snowy Owl Fighter, Helena, Cleric, Storm Cellar, Faceless Saint, Doomtower, Doom Walker.

As you can see, this is the current situation. Rest assured, the development team vows to do their utmost to thwart this so-called “Furi” and her devious actions. We sincerely hope this won’t have any negative effects on player morale and everyone can continue to enjoy the fun of the Coliseum.

【Key Information】

  • April Fool’s bundles will be on sale from 4/1 02:30 ~ 4/6 02:30 (UTC).
  • April Fool’s mode will open from 4/1 03:00 ~ 4/5 03:00 (UTC).
  • Cards will be restored to their original artwork following the scheduled update on 4/6 02:30 (UTC).

【Special Thanks】

A big shout out to ちきんそてー (Twitter:@chkn_saute) and the Rayark Villagers for providing card artwork for this event.