Hello Contestants!

Since the launch of Soul of Eden, besides the original 104 cards, we’ve released 25 brand-new cards, including 5 Legendary Cards. Here, we’ll not only look back on what cards have been released, we’ll also share some info about what to look out for in the near future.

First of all, let’s take a look at what Legendary Cards have been released:

  • Before the official launch - Test Season ─ Gaia Neutral: Tadakatsu Shinbu

  • 09/2020 Season 1 ─ Eden Neutral: “Crazy Clown” Rael

  • 11/30/2020 Eden Pass1 ─ Empire: “Electric Fire” Ida

  • 01/14/2021 Eden Pass2 ─ Alien: “The Hortician” Belle

  • 03/02/2021 Eden Pass3 ─ Empire: “Rock Steady” Rosaline

After the release of the Eden Pass, we’ve been releasing brand-new Legendary Cards each time the Eden Pass moves on to a new phase.

Each phase of the Eden Pass is 45 days. Around mid-April we’ll release the next Legendary Card, which belongs to the Beasts faction. We’ll continue with this rhythm and release new Legendary Cards for Gaia Neutral and Eden Neutral in the future.

Let’s take a look at the card release history for the rest of the cards:

  • Before the official launch Test Season ─ Republic: Nuclear Strike, Energy Beacon/Alien: Xenoclaw, Clone/Gaia Neutral: RIPhorn

  • 10/2020 Season 2 ─ Beasts: Phoenixite, Spike Boar/Empire: Greenwood Archer, Holy Guardian/Eden Neutral: Doom Walker

  • 11/2020 Season 3 ─ Alien: Soul Tormentor, Soul Divider, Abomination, Prime Abomination

  • 12/2020 Season 4 ─ Empire: Hellbringer, Nightblade Doomcaster, Nightblade Sister, Nightblade Protector

  • 01/2021 Season 5 ─ Republic: Stealth Blaster, Stealth Breaker, Stealth Storm, Commander

  • 02/2021 Season 6 ─ Beasts: Lupine Warrior, Wrecker Rhino, Noxious Fox, Blood Ritual

As for the release of non-legendary cards, we’ve tried two different methods: release cards for multiple factions at once & releasing only cards from one faction.

Now that new cards for all 4 factions have been released, we’ve decided to slightly adjust the rate at which cards are released. We’ll release 4 new cards for Gaia Neutral and Eden Neutral in the near future. Here’s the current schedule:

  • 05/2021 Season 9 ─ Gaia Neutral x2

  • 06/2021 Season 10 ─ Gaia Neutral x2

  • 07/2021 Season 11 ─ Eden Neutral x2

  • 08/2021 Season 12 ─ Eden Neutral x2

The reason we’re doing this is that we hope to create a friendlier gaming environment for new players. Releasing new cards that’ll impact the game may be interesting for veterans, but this will increase the difficulty level for new players to learn about cards, collect cards, and strengthening their decks. Too many cards will make this difficult, and that’s not what we’re aiming for.

Allowing more players to enjoy Soul of Eden is our top priority. We believe that more players in the Coliseum will make the game even more exciting.

Despite the fact that we’ve slowed down the speed of new card releases, the development team will continue to release new systems, modes, and events. While we’re optimizing the gaming experience for new players, we’ll try our best to satisfy the players who have been supporting us all along. Stay tuned for the latest news! Team Soul of Eden thanks for your support and encouragement.

※ The above schedule may be changed. Please check out the official announcements for the latest information.