Hello Contestants!

The description of the new product, the Magic Card, includes a few key concepts that we would like to clarify here to prevent any misunderstandings. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

  1. Fusion Speed+ -> Soul Gathering+

What was initially called the Magic Card’s Fusion Speed+ function refers to the speed at which souls gather in the Land of Souls. This will also affect systems that are linked to soul gathering, such as the Eden Pass.

It does not refer to the Soul Power recovery rate during battle or the speed at which cards are fused in Soul Capsules. The translation may have caused a misunderstanding. On 3/23 at 03:00 (UTC), we will revise the description and rename the function to Soul Gathering+.

  1. Shop Refresh

In the description of Magic Card benefits, it stated that players would be able to refresh the Coin Shop once per day. Actually, players will be able to refresh the Coin Shop once every 6 hours. We will fix the description on 3/23 at 03:00 (UTC).

  1. Unlocking Mission Boxes

Currently, the Magic Card will come with an “unlock Mission Boxes function”. How players will unlock the extra Mission Boxes is still being developed. If additional benefits are added to the Magic Card, we will post another announcement to notify the players.