Hello Contestants!

The Eden Coliseum is expected to undergo maintenance on 3/15 from 02:30 ~ 06:30 (UTC). The server is expected to stop for 3.5 hours, though if things are flowing smoothly it may be up and running sooner.
After the update, please head to your respective platform and download the new client version. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Here’s an outline of the update content:

  • New Product: Magic Card to replace the Time Treasure Box
  • 2v2 Mode: Team System
  • Battlefield: Winning Streak Display
  • Battlefield: Gnarly Enemy System
  • Fixes
  • Other

【New Product: Magic Card to replace the Time Treasure Box】

  • New monthly pass; sweeeeet rewards!
  • Unlocks another fusion cabin, allows you to refresh the Coin Shop whenever, speeds up fusion, plus tons of other great perks
  • Please refer to the game for exact details

※ Players who already have the Time Treasure Box will be automatically upgraded to the Magic Card

【2v2 Mode: Team System】

  • Now, you’ll be able to enter a room code to make a team and play 2v2!
  • After you open a room, you’ll get a room code so anyone can join your team!
  • After you leave the room, your code will disappear. After you send another player the code, remember to wait patiently in the room!

【Battlefield: Winning Streak Display】

  • Next to the main page’s Battlefield button and on the Battlefield results page, players can see how many matches they’ve won in a row
  • Losing a match outside of the Battlefield won’t affect your winning streak
  • Draws will not affect the streak either

【Battlefield: Gnarly Enemy System】

  • In the Battlefield, opponents with a score 200 higher than the players will be considered Gnarly Enemies
  • A victory against a Gnarly Enemy will get you more points, and losing against one will not deduct as many points as losing against other opponents

※ This system will only apply to factions that have a score of less than 2000 on the Battlefield


  • Fixed the issue with Demolisher and Helena where they were unable to be pushed around by other units. They were initially the only units that could not be pushed around, but after the update all units will all be subject to the same weight physics.
  • Fixed the issue where Aura would be ineffective if stunned upon entering the battlefield. Previously, the Aura effect would display but be rendered ineffective. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue with Hotshot’s storyline mission. Previously, the mission read “Play the Miner Mech 10 times”. The mission has been changed to “Win 8 matches with a Republic/Alien deck”.


  • 1-Click collection button has been added to the Tower of Honow and the Eden Pass pages.
  • Adjusted the connection and match-ups for American and European players. Match-up times will be shorter. If you still experience lags, try switching to a more stable internet connection.
  • A new Guardian will be added specifically for 2v2 mode.
  • Added Challenge achievement missions.
  • Added Share on Social Media achievement missions.
  • Added Classic Bundles page to the shop. This page will have all non-limited bundles.
  • Adjusted conditions for RIPhorn and Wrecker Rhino’s charge attack. Now, if they are stunned or frozen, their charge cooldown will continue calculating. This way, it will more accurately reflect the card’s skill description.