Hello Contestants!

In the upcoming 3/2 update, we’ll perform balance changes to the following cards:


  • Stealth Blaster: First Attack damage 600→702 (+17%)

After buffing the Stealth Blaster, it’ll be able to take out opponents on the same level as itself: Twisted Vine, Weezes, Leechers, etc. This way, the Stealth Blaster will be the preferred choice against low-cost, close-quarter units.

【Gaia Neutral】

  • Miner Mech: Attack Power 318→357 (+12%)

The Miner Mech is heavy, slow-moving, and packs a nasty punch. But for experienced players, it’s way too easy to deal with. We increased its attack power and kept it slow, so that players can spread out units or use long-distance units to take it out.


  • Lupine Warriors: HP 918→810 (-12%)
  • Noxious Fox: HP 2552→2352 (-8%), On-Hit damage 25%→20%

We nerfed these 2 new cards’ HP to decrease their survivability during full-on attacks, while still making sure that they’re tough opponents to deal with.


  • Hellbringer: New effect added (Battlecry: Trigger this unit’s Sense effect)

This adjustment should make this unit a much more agile choice on the battlefield. A good choice would be to use a tank to block incoming damage in order to use Hellbringer powerful AoE attack to take out the enemy.

(The above refers to the lowest level of the cards, and the percent values are rounded to the nearest integer. For actual content, please see the in-game info.)

◎ New Card!!!!!

Besides these changes, 1 new card will be added on 3/2. The new card will be introduced on social media, so please stay tuned.

◎ The above changes will take effect on 3/2

The Eden Coliseum is expected to undergo maintenance on 3/2 at 02:30 (UTC). If you have any thoughts on the balance adjustments, please feel free to leave a comment on Soul of Eden’s official Facebook, Discord, or Twitter page.