Hello Contestants!

【1. Limited-Time Event: First Soulstone Purchase Bonus】

※ Availability: 2/8 03:00 ~ 2/23 15:59 (UTC)
During the event, purchase specific Soulstone products to get a maximum of 50% more Soulstones! This event comes around just once a year! Get ‘em while they’re hot!

(“First Soulstone Purchase” refers to the player’s first purchase during the event period and not the player’s first purchase ever. After the event ends, those players who made a Soulstone purchase before the event will be considered to have made their first Soulstone purchase. Those players who did not make a Soulstone purchase before the event will be considered to have NOT made their first Soulstone purchase even if they make a purchase during the event.)

【2. Year of the Ox: Classic Bundles Return; Buy ‘em while they’re just $0.99!】

※ Availability: 2/11 16:00 ~ 12/12 15:59 (UTC)

Classic Bundles… Just a buck!?
During the event, certain themed bundles will return and three of ‘em are just 99 cents! Under a buck!

※ 0.99 Bundles Availability:

  1. 2/11/2021 16:00 ~ 17:00 (UTC)
  2. 2/12/2021 04:00 ~ 05:00 (UTC)
  3. 2/12/2021 11:00 ~ 13:00 (UTC)

※ Requirement:
Battlefield score of 1700

【3. Friend Formation!: During the event, friend missions increase!】

※ Availability: 2/8 03:00 ~ 2/23 03:00 (UTC)
Friend Battlefield missions increase!

Wanna get them Soulstones fast? Then don’t miss out on this massive number of friend missions during the Lunar New Year holiday! Get your friends on and bash some bad guys!

【4. New Year Challenge: Battle 4 Free n’ Grab a Limited Avatar!】

※ Availability: 2/9 03:00 ~ 2/12 14:00 (UTC)
Every player can participate in this challenge for free. Bring out the perfect deck and take on the challenge! Come and grab those awesome rewards: New Year avatar, Epic Soul Capsule, Shiny Star card packs, and more!

※ Eligibility: Total rank score of 1000

※ Please Note:

  1. Challenge rewards will be given out after 2/12 14:10 (UTC) and will be sent to the player’s in-game inbox.
  2. Players can only participate in the New Year Challenge once.
  3. Once the maximum number of losses (3) is reached, you can spend Soulstones to reset your losses to 0 and continue the Challenge (Your wins will not be reset).