Hello Contestants!

Below is a listing of known issues of version 1.2 Soul of Eden, which the Tubbies are working hard to fix. If the problem you have encountered isn’t on the list, please click on the “Contact Us” link below to report your problem, how it occurred, and the model of your gaming device. Thanks for your assistance.

⦿ 3/2 Known Issues

  • Match replay issues: If players press the match replay button or enter a replay code on their opponent’s match replay page, they will be returned to their own page instead. If players encounter this issue, please access the match replay or re-enter the replay code on your own page to see the match replay correctly.
  • Soul Capsule display issue: If players try to view fuse-able cards for a Rare Soul Capsule after viewing fuse-able cards for a Gaia Soul Capsule, they may not be able to view fuse-able cards from the Eden Faction. If any players encounter this issue, please first tap on the Alien Faction to make the Eden Faction pop up. This will temporarily bypass this issue.

⦿ 3/2 Update Fixes

  • Fixed the issue in which in the first Challenge quest “Painling Fiesta”, there’s a possibility that the quest cannot be cleared when the enemy Guardian’s HP is low. Players may now finish off the Guardian with Nuclear Strike.

⦿ 2/22 Known Issues

  • Description issue with the Coin description on the main page: Can be used to buy items from the Coin shop or open the Waterfall of Time. Currently, Coins cannot be used to open the Waterfall of Time.
  • If Salamander is hit with Stun upon entering the battle, it may render Salamander’s Aura effect ineffective. Currently, the Aura effect should not be affected by other skills. After the fix, when Salamander is hit with Stun, its Aura effect will continue to deal damage.

⦿ 2/22 Update Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where players may have cleared the “Finish 1 Challenge match” before they’ve unlocked Challenge mode.

⦿ 2/9 After Update Known Issue

  • The description in the daily mission " Use X a total of X times in the Battlefield” is incorrect. The Contestants can complete this mission in the Playground, Battlefield, and limited-time challenge.

⦿ 2/9 Update Fixes

  • Fixed Noxious Fox’s abnormal Attack Speed. After the fix, Noxious Fox’s Attack Speed will be set to 1.0.
  • Fixed the display issue for Shotgunner’s Attack Speed.
  • Fixed the issue where the Lupine Warrior wasn’t affected by Taunt in the battle.

⦿ 2/2 Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue in which if contestants meet the conditions required to complete pre-update daily missions after update 1.2, they may still get a mission progress notification. After the fix, contestants will be correctly notified of new, after-update mission progress.
  • Fixed the issue in which contestants do not receive battle rewards by completing the daily mission Duel! for friends or guild allies.

⦿ 2/1 Known Issue

  • After collecting rewards in the Land of Souls, Soul Fusion Boosters will not display and can’t be used if the player does not leave the Land of Souls page. If contestants run into this issue, return to the main menu and the issue will be resolved.

⦿ 2/1 Update Fixes

  • When clicking on the uncollected rewards icon in the Land of Souls, players possibly were unable to collect all their rewards. After the fix, all rewards will be collected.
  • Fixed the incomplete description of the Republic’s Guardian skill. Players can now see the full description.
  • Fixed the display issue with the description of the Challenge mode treasure chests in the Challenge mode menu.
  • Display issue in the Arena quest “Mind Manipulation” has been fixed.
  • Players who had not yet unlocked the Land of Souls may have seen “Unlocked” displayed. This display issue has been resolved.

⦿ Known Issues

  • The ‘Eden Maturation Gift that includes a Soul Canister has an incorrect description. The correct description is as follows:
    Legendary Soul Canister*1
    Epic Soul Canister*5
    Rare Soul Canister*8
  • The 3 random card reward in the Eden Pass (Stages 5/10/15/20/25/35/45) is displayed as a Shiny Star Pack. This is a display issue. Players can collect the 3 random cards without an issue.
  • In 2V2 Mode replays, the enemy name will be displayed as the player’s ally. This is a display issue and will not affect the battle.
  • Issue with card level settings in the Arena