Hello Contestants!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!!

Christmas is right around the corner! Let’s celebrate!

  • Event 1: Log in to collect the Christmas Avatar

    • Log in to the game during the event time to collect the super cute “Christmas Snowman” avatar! Put on your Christmas avatar and celebrate Christmas with other Contestants!
  • Event 2: Limited Christmas Gifts Every Day!

    • Log in to the game during the event time to collect different awesome rewards! Besides Soulstones and Shiny Star card packs, there are valuable Legendary Soul Capsules and 2 secret gifts! Don’t forget to log in every day to collect ‘em all!
  • Event 3: Limited Christmas Challenge Mode

    • Limited-time event. Everyone gets just one chance to participate in this special Challenge Mode! Soul Power will be doubled!
  • Event 4: Limited Edition Super Bundles! Here for 48 hours!

    • New Bundles:【Christmas Bundle】【Beastly Enhance… Hear me Roar!】
    • Available from: 12/24/2020 03:00 ~ 12/26/2020 03:00 (UTC)
    • Product Content: Soulstones x1225, Phoenixite x1, Doom Walker x3, Turtalon x3, Igloom x5
    • Price: $4.99 USD
    • Conditions for opening: Total rank score of 1000 and must have participated in at least 1 Battlefield match
    • Purchase Limit: 3 times

※Event Details:

  • 12/25 03:00 (UTC) - 12/31 02:59 (UTC) Log in to the game to collect the Christmas Snowman avatar.
  • 12/25 03:00 (UTC) - 12/31 02:59 (UTC) Log in to the game each day during the event time to get a limited reward. We’ll give out 7 different rewards over the 7 days of the event.
  • Event time for the Christmas Challenge Mode event is 12/25 from 03:00 (UTC) ~ 12/28 14:00 (UTC). All contestants can participate 1 time. However, if you’ve lost 3 rounds you can use Soulstones to reset the losses and keep the wins. The rewards will be sent out after the event is over.