Hello Contestants!

Below is a listing of known issues of version 1.1 Soul of Eden, which the Tubbies are working hard to fix. If the problem you have encountered isn’t on the list, please click on the “Contact Us” link below to report your problem, how it occurred, and the model of your gaming device. Thanks for your assistance.

⦿ 1/14 Known Issues

  • During matches, spells with transformative effects (Painling Fission, Doramorph) will abnormally trigger parasitic effects (Like the Terminite Queen’s Mania effect). The correct mechanism should not trigger a unit’s parasitic effect.
  • In the Arena quest Mind Manipulation, Puppeteer is shown as costing 8 Soul Power. This is a display issue only. The cost of Puppeteer in this quest is 9, in accordance with the previous adjustment.

⦿ 1/5 Known Issue

  • The Republic’s Guardian skill description is incomplete and does not describe the damage caused to the Guardian by the drop pod itself. This is merely a description issue and will not affect the in-game battle effects. The damage caused by the drop pod, when dealt to the enemy Guardian, is reduced by 50%. This is how the mechanism was designed.

⦿ 12/18 1.1.4 Update Fixes

  • [Fix] Display issue with No.17 and No.16 guild mission rewards; now players will see the correct rewards.
  • [Fix] Match replay and SOE TV display issue where cards in hand will be duplicated (display more than once); players can now see the correct hand.
  • [Fix] Match replay inconsistent when sharing match replay to guild chatroom. Match replays will now be consistent.
  • [Fix] Language display issue in the Land of Souls.
  • [Fix] When using specific devices, there is a chance that friend dialogue history will not display normally.
  • [Fix] After a Challenge Mode run, match results didn’t immediately update.

⦿ 12/18 1.1.4 Known Issues

  • In the Land of Souls, if players accumulate 60 Souls and click on the uncollected rewards icon, it may not collect the rewards for that day. If you encounter this issue, please write to our customer service team at service@rayark.com so we can compensate you for those rewards.

⦿12/15 Known Issues

  • The ‘Eden Maturation Gift that includes a Soul Canister has an incorrect description. The correct description is as follows:
    Legendary Soul Canister*1
    Epic Soul Canister*5
    Rare Soul Canister*8
  • For novices who have not unlocked the Land of Souls, it may display as unlocked, but this is just a display issue. For players encountering this issue, please raise your Battlefield score to 50 to use the Land of Souls.
  • The 3 random card reward in the Eden Pass (Stages 5/10/15/20/25/35/45) is displayed as a Shiny Star Pack. This is a display issue. Players can collect the 3 random cards without an issue.
  • In 2V2 Mode replays, the enemy name will be displayed as the player’s ally. This is a display issue and will not affect the battle.

<Description of Game Mechanisms>
Currently, the player’s personal info will display the last deck that was used in a match, including each card’s level and the Guardian’s level. So, after engaging in a Friend Battle or Challenge Mode, since the levels are set at 10, the personal info page will display level 10. This does not represent the player’s actual card or Guardian levels and is merely operating according to the mechanism settings stated above.

⦿12/01 Update Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where some Puzzle Missions cannot be completed. After the fix, players can complete the missions after using the specified cards a set number of times.

⦿ 11/30 Update Fixes

  • [Fix] RIPhorn’s passive skill special effects wouldn’t display properly.
  • [Fix] When using Clone on Abomination, Prime Abomination, Soul Divider, and Soul Tormentor, their passive skill did not inflict damage on the guardian.
  • [Fix] Guild applications would disappear after guild info was edited.
  • [Fix] Painling Fission wouldn’t convert enemies to Painlings of the correct level.
  • [Fix] Puppeteer would incorrectly deduct HP if a unit had a buff or debuff.
  • [Fix] Inconsistency between Miracle’s special effects and the spell’s duration.
  • [Fix] When replacing cards at the start of a match, if there were two of the same cards but each had a different level (such as in Legendary War), replacing one would result in the remaining card being unable to enter the battle correctly.

⦿ Known Issues

  • Issue with card level settings in the Arena