Hello Contestants!

Below is a listing of known issues of version 1.0.4 Soul of Eden, which the Tubbies are working hard to fix. If the problem you have encountered isn’t on the list, please click on the “Contact Us” link below to report your problem, how it occurred, and the model of your gaming device. Thanks for your assistance.

⦿ 9/10 Known Issues

  • While using Painling Fission, Painlings should be level 1, but they will currently erroneously remain the same level as the units which have been fissioned.
  • After a guild or friend battle, the decks as viewable in “My Page” won’t appear correctly. This is just a visual bug, and won’t affect actual battle in the battlefield or playground.

⦿ 9/7 Known Issues

  • In the case of a draw, some players may be brought back to the main menu.

⦿ Known Issues

  • The visual effects for Catapod when it enters the field appear incorrectly.
  • Special effects may be odd when purchasing certain items in the store. This is just a graphical glitch - you will still receive the item you purchased.
  • In the Common Card Pack, Rare Card Pack, and Epic Card Packs available for purchase in the Coin Shop, the “Card obtainment rate” is blank. If players wish to check out the card drop rates, please see the “Guaranteed minimum obtainment rate” on the same page.
  • After obtaining a card from a faction that is not yet unlocked, the red dot notification on the deck tab at the bottom of the main page will not go away.
  • Display issue with the “Eden Maturation Gift”, please see the product description for details concerning the product content.
  • Issue where, after guild information is revised, applications awaiting evaluation will disappear

⦿ <Description of Game Mechanics>

  • Currently, when structures or units are close together, they will run into each other. Under certain circumstances, a structure may block a unit from moving forward. This game mechanic was part of the design and may be used as part of the contestants’ battle strategy.