Hello Contestants! The Eden Coliseum is expected to undergo maintenance on 9/07 at 4:00 am (UTC), but the server will continue running.

New Products-Specialty Gift Packs on Sale for a Limited Time

1.New Gift Pack: The Crazy Clown has arrived! -Available: 9/07/2020 4:00:00 ~ 9/21/2020 3:00:00。

  • Product Content: Soulstones x5000, Legendary Card: “Crazy Clown” Rael x1, Limited Icon: Rael
  • Price: $43.99 USD
  • Conditions for opening: Total rank score of 1700 and participate in 1 Ranked Battle

2.New Gift Pack: Dance the Dance of Death!

  • Available: 9/07/2020 4:00:00 ~ 9/21/2020 3:00:00。

  • Product Content: Legendary Card: “Crazy Clown” Rael x2, Eden Power Pack x8

  • Price: $79.99 USD

  • Conditions for opening: Purchase “The Crazy Clown has arrived!”

  • 【Eden Power Pack】(Contains 10 random cards)

  • Drop rate for different rarity level cards in this pack:

  • Common Card: 65%

  • Rare: 19%

  • Epic: 10%

  • Legendary: 1%

New Cards Get Increased Drop Rate for a Limited Time

“Crazy Clown” Rael will soon be here! When this card hits the card pool, it will have an increased drop rate of 200% for a limited time!
-Date added to the card pool: 9/07/2020 4:00:00 -Drop Rate Doubled From: 9/07/2020 4:00:00 ~ 9/21/2020 3:00:00. -Double Drop Rate Description: Doubles the drop rate for rare cards

※Must have unlocked the Beasts Faction to draw this card from a card pack
※The Republic Starter Gift, Alien Starter Gift and other faction specific card packs do not contain Rael; check the drop rates of each pack to confirm before purchasing.


  1. The rewards for increasing allies in the “Grow your Guild, get Rewards!” event will begin to be calculated in the first three days following the end of the event. So long as your number of guild members has met the conditions within anyone of those days by 3:00 (UTC), that will qualify you to collect the rewards that correspond to the number of members you have accumulated.