Hello Contestants!

Lately, some of you have had questions regarding how guild Contribution works, so to clear up any confusion, we’re listing out some of the finer points of guild life below.

  • When guild members help complete a guild quest, their Contribution increases.
  • Different types of guild missions while increase Contribution in different ammounts.
    • Battle victory missions will grant 10 Contribution for 1 win.
    • Missions that require using specific cards will grant 5 Contribution each time the requisite card is played.
  • In the guild-members tab, players can see the total Contribution and weekly overall Contribution of all members.
  • Guild quests and Contribution limits will reset every Thursday at 3:00 am (UTC).
  • Every guild member can amass a weekly limit of 1000 Contribution.
  • Once the week’s worth of guild quests are completed, members can’t get any further Contribution.
  • New guilds need to wait until the next reset time for the ability to start completing quests and gaining Contribution.
  • Newly created guilds need to wait until the next reset time to start gaining Contribution for their guild.
  • New guild members are not able to contribute, so their Contribution will appear as —-. When they are able to contribute, their Contribution will be shown as a number.

If you have any further questions or comments regarding the guild system and Contribution, please contact us on Facebook or Discord.