Hello contestants!

【Notes from the Developers】

The main goal of running this test is to test out the stability of 4 players playing at the same time and the potential issues that might pop up. The rules and UI of this 2v2 mode aren’t the finalized version.

Contestants, feel free to share your suggestions and feedback on our social media platforms or send an email to our customer service team. Let’s make this mode perfect.

【Event time】

  • 12/16 03:00 ~ 12/20 03:00 (UTC)


  • Players on the same team have their own Soul Energy, Cards, Deck, and Guardian Skill.

  • Players on the same team share the same Guardian, which will have doubled HP.

  • In this beta version, ally info and enemy info won’t be fully displayed.

  • The rules for this version aren’t necessarily the rules that will be used in the finalized version of 2v2.