Playing With: Great for high-threat single targets and counter-pushes.

Wrecker Rhino is a bit similar to RIPhorn, but its attacks don’t cause stun and only hit a single target. Placement is very important with Wrecker Rhino. You should pick a target first, and then place WR with enough space to get a good charge going. Good targets would be those with a high threat but relatively low HP, like Hotshots or Greenwood Archers.

After taking out a high-threat target with WR, you can take that opportunity to stage a counter-push toward your opponent’s guardian!

Playing Against: Don’t give it time or space to charge.

If you see your opponent playing a Wrecking Rhino, it’s best to use some low-cost units, like Terminites or Fugitives, to taunt it away from its intended target. Then you can put down a tanky unit, like an Armorpod or Turtalon, to absorb the rest of its attacks.

Remember that Wrecker Rhino will get Enraged when he’s under half health, so it’s best to deal with him quickly. Otherwise, you might get an Enraged, charging rhino cleaning up your whole board, and you don’t want that!