Game Features
  • Four factions with unique cards
  • Custom unit placement
  • Ever-changing 4-minute battles
  • A huge world with rich lore
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Untold Stories
Each faction's history is intertwining. Which holds your fate?

Republic - Tactics and Technology

Sensing a threat emerging from the darkness, one that would change the fate of the world,
Gardis’ Surpreme Commander Gavin chooses to fight for freedom, for the future of all humanity.

Alien - Mutations and Souls

A slew of failed human experiments led to the mutation of X’inn and the birth of the Lurkein.
To say they act only out of a need for vengeance would be too simplistic.
No… the Lurkein seem to have some deep-seated mission of their own,
one that may be tied to the Soulstone embedded within X’inn’s wretched exterior…