Hello Contestants!

Below is a listing of known issues of version 1.2 Soul of Eden, which the Tubbies are working hard to fix. If the problem you have encountered isn’t on the list, please click on the “Contact Us” link below to report your problem, how it occurred, and the model of your gaming device. Thanks for your assistance.

⦿ 6/8 Known Issues

  • In 2v2 mode when inviting friends, friends whose status should be showing as “Busy” are instead showing as “Invite Sent”.
  • Issue with level upper limits in Soul Power x2 and Crazy Sizzurp. Currently, Guardians and units are limited to a max level of 10.
  • Issue where players are unable to access the game on iOS devices set to certain languages (Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, etc.). While we work to fix the issue, please temporarily set your device’s language to English in order to be able to access the game. Details can be found in the [iOS Installation Issue] announcement.
  • On the deck page, the “In Battle” status for the currently selected deck shows in Chinese.
  • Issues with text displayed during battle replays.
  • Screen freezing when accessing the Block List page within the Friends page settings.

⦿ 6/8 Update Fixes

  • Fixed issue where players were forced back to the title screen when upgrading or acquiring Gaia Neutral or Eden Neutral cards caused two Guardians to upgrade at the same time.
  • Fixed issue where using the “Clone” card wouldn’t allow players to complete missions that involved “using a spell card”.
  • Fixed issue where players would be unable to view fuse-able cards from the Eden Faction when selecting a Rare Soul Capsule after first viewing the fuse-able cards when selecting a Gaia Soul Capsule.
  • Fixed issue where the Daily Mission series “Easy Win” couldn’t be completed even when the Guardian’s HP was at a sufficient level (70%, 50%).
  • Fixed the display issue in Classic Challenge when the number of “Crowns” contained 5 or more digits.
  • Fixed issue where after using Soul Capsule Boosters in the Land of Souls, the number of remaining Soul Capsule Boosters wouldn’t immediately change and if the number of Boosters was insufficient, an error message would appear causing the game to crash.

⦿ 5/18 Known Issues

  • If the game is minimized during the card swap screen at the start of a battle, the game will crash at the end of the battle on the results screen.

⦿ 4/20 Known Issues

  • The 5100 Soulstone product has a display issue in the shop. Please refer to the description for correct details.
  • In some language settings, Mary’s skill description will be displayed in English.

⦿ 4/20 Update Fixes

  • Fixed issues concerning the inability to use Hellbringer’s Battlecry effect to complete Battlecry missions

⦿ 4/1 Update Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where after collecting cards from the Land of Souls, if the number of cards doesn’t reach the required number for leveling up then a notification that says the number of cards is sufficient will pop up; after the update players will be able to check the total number of their cards and also level up their cards.
  • Fixed the display issue for drop rates of “Dutiful Bravery” in the “Power Supply Pack”. This is merely a display issue and it won’t affect the actual drop rates.

⦿ 3/24 Known Issues

  • When purchasing the Power Supply Pack, an error message may appear. Players will still receive the product. This issue is top priority.
  • The 2v2 interface buttons may appear in other modes if players are in the Playground while the day changes. If this occurs, please restart the game to fix the issue.

⦿ 3/23 Update Fixes

  • Fixed the Magic Card description. After purchasing the Magic Card, the shop can be refreshed every 6 hours.
  • Fixed the “increased fusion” description for the Magic Card. After purchasing the Magic Card, souls will gather faster in the Land of Souls
  • Fixed the Coin description in the main menu. Coins are not used to unlock the Waterfall of Time at the moment.

⦿ 3/17 Known Issues

  • The description of the Magic Card reads “Fusion Speed+: Fusion progress is gained at 120%.” This will be changed to “Soul Gathering+: Souls gather 20% faster!” The actual effect is that Souls gather faster in the Land of Souls and for the Eden Pass. In the future, we will work much harder to make sure product information is absolutely correct.
  • After getting a card from the Land of Souls, when the card count required to level up has not yet been met, it may indicate otherwise. After clicking the card info to level up, or attempting to use dust to level up, an error message may appear and the game will crash. No player data will be lost. This is the team’s top priority. Please level up on the Deck page.
  • After clicking on the Land of Souls, an error message may appear and the game will crash.

⦿ 3/15 Update Fixes

  • [Fix] After collecting rewards from the Land of Souls and leaving within a set time, Soul Capsule Boosters may be unusable or won’t display.
  • [Fix] Mission description for the Daily Mission “Use XX cards in the Battlefield”. Contestants can now complete this mission in the Playground, Battlefield, or Challenge mode.
  • [Fix] Salamander’s Aura effect won’t work if stunned upon entering the battlefield.
  • [Fix] Issue where the player will be sent to their own page after trying to replay a match or enter a replay code on the opponent’s page.

⦿ Known Issues

  • In 2V2 Mode replays, the enemy name will be displayed as the player’s ally. This is a display issue and will not affect the battle.
  • Issue with card level settings in the Arena.